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Fifth Grade

Tyler started fifth grade today.

I don’t know what to say beyond, “WHAT?!”

Kindergarten - Ms. Krause

Kindergarten – Ms. Krause

My mind is kind of blown.

First Grade - Ms. Newland

First Grade – Ms. Newland

I watched him get ready this morning. Watched him as he got himself dressed, made his bed, fixed his breakfast, and helped with the animals.

Second Grade - Ms. Crowe

Second Grade – Ms. Crowe

There were times – many, many times – when I literally never thought I’d see the day he’d be capable of pouring himself a bowl of cereal.

Third Grade - Ms. Jones

Third Grade – Ms. Jones

And now? Now he’s like the champion of cereal. Among other things.

5 Fourth Grade 2

Fourth Grade – Ms. Bottini

I don’t miss herding him from one morning task to another. I do miss his tiny chubby cheeks, his sticky kisses, and his utter and complete faith in me.

Fifth Grade - Ms. Bryant

Fifth Grade – Ms. Bryant

Happy First Day of School, Tyler.


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The Only Valentine Craft I Ever Make.

I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day, but I love making these every year for Tyler’s classmates. After printing the photograph, I punch holes above and below his hand and thread a small lollipop through. Instant awesome!

Tyler Valentine 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Two Percent

Ninety eight percent of the time, it’s easy to see that Tyler is MY child. IMG_6475

(This is not because he’s beautiful.)

He has the same sense of humor, the same love of traveling. He’s starting to get into food, and his current favorite meal is the Cooks Illustrated Caesar Salad. He loves hats.


His side-eye is tremendous.

When they’re tiny, children are almost literally an extension of you, and it’s hard to eventually accept the notion that they are, in fact, independent beings.

It’s been a complete blessing that Tyler has grown into a person that I honestly enjoy being around. And other people, especially grown-ups, seem to like him too!


However, two times in the last week, I’ve been reminded that he’s not a mini-Windy, after all.

For one thing, he Does Not Like Converses. He goes through tennis shoes on a bi-monthly basis, because he either destroys or outgrows them. I’ve begged him to get Converses, with the promise that “it’s just for a couple of months!” but no dice.

Second, he’s persistently had a disturbing affinity for WWE wrestling, and in fact attended a WWE event on Sunday with his father. Double-you. Double-you. Eee. Wrassling. LIVE. Oh. My. God.

I just can’t even.


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