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A Toasty Anniversary

Five years ago today, our house was struck by lightning and burned.


It is an event which has come to shape my worldview in a lot of ways. Experiencing such a trauma taught me a lot about myself, about my marriage, and about my neighbors. I learned so many positive lessons from the fire, the most important of which were about kindness and generosity.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a great experience, though.


I can still tell the difference between the smell of a wood fire and the smell of a house fire. House fires smell particularly sharp, an undertone of hot metal and burning chemicals.


It feels a little like we will be abandoning this house when we move. We’ve been through a lot together, this house and the Taylors.

Ultimately, this house is just a pile of bricks and lumber like any other. The memories we’ve made here can’t be packed up in boxes, but they will come with us.



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