Demo Day!

Our house turns 90 this year, and we decided to get the old girl something really nice for her birthday – a new kitchen. Today was Demo Day.

Y’all, it was just as much fun as it looks on HGTV. Squee!

This is how our kitchen looked at 8:00 this morning:


For those still working out the birthday math above, the house was built in 1928 and the kitchen has gone through several remodels since that time. Lucky for us, one of the previous owners lives right next door, and he provided some very helpful information. He did a kitchen remodel some time during his tenure, between 1995 and 2009, and could tell us what was there before, and what had been done since. He said he thought some of the kitchen cabinets were original to the 1928 house.

Our primary goals in this remodel are:

  1. Fix the floor. It’s the Wavy Lay’s of floors, and not in a good way.
  2. Reconfigure the appliances to a more logical arrangement. As you can see above, the cooktop is located between the sink and the wall oven, with no space on either side. I wanted it moved to the center of the back wall.
  3. Remove the space-eating soffit box above the upper cabinets.
  4. Cabinets. The cabinets may have been nice at one point, but were in sad shape. They’d been poorly painted, some of them hung crooked, and there were no divisions inside the cabinet doors – it was just one cavernous space from wall to wall. Additionally, each time you opened a drawer, a fine rain of sawdust misted down upon the contents of the cabinet.
  5. Countertops. I mean, while you’re at it…..
  6. Find a way to incorporate an eat-in area – not for all of us, but for two or three. A VIP section, if you will.

Here’s how the kitchen looks tonight:


The first thing I noticed is that it appears the kitchen was, once upon a time, painted insane asylum green. The fact that the walls behind the cabinets are painted leads me to wonder if the original kitchen was unfitted. Wall-to-wall cabinetry didn’t come into use until the 1950s – older kitchens would have had furniture pieces, such as Hoosier cabinets, freestanding sinks, and worktables.

The second thing I noticed is that a range was clearly located in the center of the back wall, as the guts of a ventilation system were hiding behind the cabinet there. Thank you, distant prior owner, for validating my appliance placement opinion!

I felt like I was on CSI: My Kitchen all day today. See that weird doorway on the left? It was completely covered by cabinets, but it leads to a closet under the stairs. There’s an old disconnected water heater in the closet, and we’ve been scratching our heads since we moved in, because the water heater won’t fit through the other entry door to the closet. We couldn’t figure out how anyone got it in there, much less how we were going to get it out. But now we have an answer!

We also discovered at least three layers of flooring – the original hardwood, a black-and-white checkerboard linoleum, and the slate-look vinyl tile on top. Awesome!

So what’s the plan?

The layout of the kitchen will end up looking something like this:


Finish-wise, we’re hoping for something that feels similar to this:


We’ll see how it goes! We’ve already had a lucky break AND a setback today. The lucky break is that the soffit was mercifully empty and we won’t have to re-route wiring. The setback is that we can’t remove any of the partial wall that was next to the wall oven, so the peninsula will have less barstool space than originally planned. But I can roll with it.

Tomorrow we tear up the floors to see what’s causing them to be so very jacked up. Very exciting times ahead!




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  1. Lisa

    Very exciting! Good luck as you move forward!

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