February highlights

February 1: I wrote an obituary for someone I didn’t know well. My previous obit-writing experience was limited to my father, but I felt I did a decent job.

February 3: We were having some carpentry done in the house, so I elected to shower at the gym after I worked out. While enjoying the unlimited hot water, I realized that if I consistently showered at the gym, I would save money on utilities and my shower would stay cleaner, longer. On the downside, people might see me naked – but when one has four children running around, the likelihood of that is never less than 15%.

February 4ish: We painted the upstairs hall, using the last of the five-gallon bucket of Sherwin Williams’ Steamed Milk (left over from the foyer). Conquering drywall patches, one room at a time!

February 18: I have used the Walmart grocery app three times. The first time was an exceedingly pleasant and convenient experience. The second time, one if my items was missing. The store was very nice about the omission and gave me the item with no hassle (except that I had to go back for it). The third time was a total bust. Fifteen minutes after my scheduled pickup time, the order was still “processing.” I continued to check over the next few hours, and then I received an e-mail that my order had been canceled without further explanation. I’ll give them one more chance before breaking up with them for good, but they’re on thin ice.

February 25: We completed a project! We were not fans of the fans on the front porch – they were remote-controlled, so naturally they didn’t work. The light kits were non-responsive, and the fans themselves would only operate on TORNADO. So we replaced all three with very simple fans that better fit the style of the house.






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  1. Lisa

    Great decision on the new porch fans – definite improvement

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