Looking Back, Looking Forward

I just took a minute to re-read my post from New Year’s Day last year, and it was sobering. I’d forgotten how utterly overwhelmed and drained I felt.

For me, 2016 was vastly superior to 2015. I realize that most of my friends on the internet disagree, but most of my friends didn’t have terribly hard things happen to them in 2015, either.

When my mom was diagnosed with her glioblastoma, we were told that the median life expectancy for someone with that type of tumor was 18-20 months. Today, New Year’s Day, marks 20 months. That means that every day after this – every single day – is a gift. She beat the average.

Cheers to that!


We moved her in with us on December 20. Overall, it’s been great. She’s able to spend a lot of time with us, being part of a family again. Mom has lived alone since my father died in 2003, and I don’t think she’s particularly well-suited to isolation. She enjoys having the guest house all to herself, but she comes over to “the big house” for meals and to hang out in the evenings.


Obviously, the biggest event of our year was buying a house. And oh, what a house. We have fallen completely in love with our pile of bricks and sticks, and spent much of the Christmas break dreaming and planning for the house’s future. In fact, Jason and I spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day painting the foyer. It was glorious.


The kids were all with us for New Year’s Eve, and we decided as a group to stay home together. They requested a ball-themed menu so I made meatballs, pizza balls, and Oreo peppermint truffles. I am nothing if not obliging. We watched the Times Square ball drop during commercial breaks of the Lord of the Rings marathon, because of course that’s how we roll.



I have high hopes for 2017. Now that the invisible structural side of the house is fixed (mostly! knock wood!), we can tackle the visible decorative side. Jason gave me a beautiful home-inspiration book for Christmas, the pages of which I have been licking for the past week.


As for resolutions, I resolve to do all the normal stuff – take better care of myself, take better care of my family, read more non-fiction, be more grateful and more helpful and more generous. I also want to be more intentional about doing things that actually make me happy, not things that are supposed to make me happy.

You know, normal stuff.

May your 2017 be better than last year, no matter what kind of year you had.



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6 responses to “Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. Morgan

    Happy new year! Glad to hear the happy update on your mom. What’s the book? Looking for inspiration as we get ready to tackle our interior.

    • Windy Taylor

      It’s called “The Great American House” by Gil Schafer III. I am reading it slowly – but have already looked at all the pictures.

  2. Cray

    Windy–your mother’s classmate here (again). The class would like your mother’s current mailing address and also want to know if she is using email again. Is it the same email address or a new one?
    SO glad she has adjusted to the move and seems to be enjoying a new chapter in her life. PS. I am knitter so am interested when you mention knitting and sewing. Love reading your blog–it is a part of Florida I am not familiar with. I live half year on FL west coast and half year in NC mtns not too far from time share your mother has/had. I am assuming you can see my email address to send a reply.

  3. Tonya B.

    Happy New Year to the Taylors! The house is beautiful and I’m so glad to hear your mom is settling in with you. What a wonderful opportunity for all of you!

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