A (Farewell) House Tour, Part 3

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

It’s almost over.

The packing, the anxiety, the leaving. It’s almost done.

Here’s a picture of the master bedroom from the MLS listing:


And here’s what we did: replaced the carpet with laminate, and painted. We also added a decorative Boston Terrier.


Hollyn & Jensen’s room was a bit bland:


The addition of a cat helped tremendously:


Tyler’s room was a particularly vivid shade of lilac:


Now it’s…. well….. a 12-year-old boy lives there. What do you expect?


And finally, Hazel’s room – which was just a guest room when we moved in.


This is the only room that I get a little choked up about. This is where I rocked my little newborn Hazel to sleep so many nights, where I sang to her and read her stories. Where we got to know each other.


And that’s it. Five years of constant editing, re-arranging, and improving. It’s definitely been a learning experience.


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