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Make. Do.

NOTE: If you’re here for adorable Hazel pictures, skip to the bottom.

When I wrote about my mom suffering from lack of initiative, I realized that I also have a hard time “biting the bullet” and starting any of the projects that are rattling around my head.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing….better.

I planted herbs and vegetables for the first time in a couple of years. Two weeks in, they’re all still alive. I even used my own basil in pasta sauce last night.


I’m also growing mint for the first time, because it’s easy.


So far I have made a mint-infused simple syrup to be used in mojitos (or, um, tea). I see lots of mojitos in my future.


I’ve also been using my sewing machine more. I bought an actual pattern and made Hazel a play dress out of scrap fabric:


I took the opportunity to try a new decorative button attachment. Sexier words have never been uttered.


And finally, using this tutorial, I turned another of Jason’s castoff shirts into a dress.


Hazel and I are both pretty excited about it.

Now, off to whip up some well-deserved mojitos!


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