Crazy Jason’s Furniture Emporium-o-rama

Three weekends ago, my mother gave us a truckload of furniture from her house. It was a great and generous gift, but quite a process to get it all incorporated into our home. We have finally finished our substitutions, which means we have furniture to sell, for cheap.

Like this child’s chair, which was in the girls’ room:


Or this pair of loveseats, which are just a couple of years old and have washable slipcovers:


This bedroom set was given to us, and we split it between Tyler’s room and the girls’ room. I refinished Tyler’s set but Jensen liked the dresser au naturel. It would be easy to refinish the dresser with mirrors and have a nice bedroom suite.



There’s also a dresser out of our room. It’s missing two pulls, but they’re easy to replace.


And finally this lingerie chest or tall skinny dresser:


If you’re looking for furniture, or know someone who is, we’d love to send these pieces to new homes. Thanks!



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