Scenes from Suburbia

On Tuesday mornings I pick Tyler up at his bus stop and take him to school early for Brain Bowl. Yesterday, as I was approaching an apartment complex near my house, I noticed a line of cars behind a school bus making its regular stop. As we sat there, I realized the bus was picking up a disabled student. The driver had to perform a complex routine of opening the side of the bus, deploying the lift, getting the child onto the lift, etc etc. The minutes dragged by. I’m not going to lie; I was aggravated. I was already cutting it close to pick up Tyler, and I’d left my phone at home while it installed a software update.


I resolved to stop being a negative ninja. I began by imagining that child’s mother, who probably feels the glares from the line of stopped cars every single day. I applauded the bus driver for taking such care with the student. I offered a word of thanks that my children are generally healthy. I started to feel my aggravation subside.

It was approximately at this moment that one of the stopped drivers began laying on the horn.

SERIOUSLY?!?!, I thought.



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