Friday! High Five!

And it’s not just any Friday, it’s a long weekend Friday.

I plan to spend the long weekend soaking up the last chlorine-infused hours of pool season. JUST KIDDING. I’m driving to Jacksonville, AGAIN, to try and take care of some administrative life tasks for my mom.

Le sigh.

The trip to Jacksonville has been made far more bearable by my (late) discovery of podcasts. Here are five that have gotten me through many, many miles of I-10:

  1. The X-Files Files. True love lasts for a lifetime, and I can safely say that 20+ years after it’s debut, the X-Files is my favorite television show. Ever. My best memories from high school involved being home alone with a Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza and the X-Files at 9:00. Turbo nerd. This podcast is hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, who is about my age. This means that we experienced the X-Files in the same way – in the dark pre-internet, pre-cell-phone, pre-social media 1990s. His commentary is insightful and hilarious.
  2. Ear Snacks. Andrew Barkan & Polly Hall have put together a delightful podcast for children and families. It’s sweet without being cloying, and even Tyler (12) enjoys it. He commands me to “Examine your fruits!” on a weekly basis. Full disclosure: Andrew and Polly both went to Amherst, which makes them indescribably awesome as well as talented.
  3. Sword & Scale. This true crime series examines horrific crimes from different aspects – the state of mental health care in the US and Canada, for example, or why some psychopaths can function in society and others end up like Ted Bundy.
  4. History Chicks. Two women discuss other women from history, but they provide interesting trivia (I love trivia!) and commentary along the way. I want to get the older kids to listen to this one with me.
  5. The Nerdist. This podcast is hosted by Chris Hardwick. I wouldn’t say he interviews people so much as chats with them while a recorder is running. I’ve really enjoyed the episodes featuring Jeff Bridges, Paul Rudd, Gillian Anderson, and David Tennant.

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