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Cocktail of the Month: May

This month’s cocktail is the humble gin & tonic, in honor of my mom. I’ll show you how she makes hers, then I’ll show you how I make mine.

Gin & Tonic: Winkie’s Way

Add a lot of crushed ice to a tall glass. Fill it 1/3 of the way with Tanqueray. Top with Publix diet tonic water, preferably bought on sale. Add a squeeze of lime, or a squeeze of bottled lime juice in a pinch. Drink while watching a sporting event.

Gin & Tonic: Windy’s Way

Fill a tall glass halfway with cubed ice. Add 1-2 oz. of Hendrick’s Gin. Top with Schwepps diet tonic water. Add slices of cucumber. Drink while fixing dinner, or by the pool. (For pool consumption, it is recommended that one use a Tervis tumbler instead of a glass. Safety first!)


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A Whole Year of Chicken

Guys, we made it.


In some ways, the hard part is over. I won’t miss the frequent diaper blowouts, for example.

In other ways, the easy part is over. Loving a baby is simple and straightforward.

This past month has been rough, as I’ve been helping my mother deal with a medical issue,  but through it all Hazel has been a champion. Not many babies can say they perfected their walking skills in the Mayo Clinic halls.


Even though Hazel is enjoying more foods, we are still nursing three times a day. Attempts to drop the mid-day feeding have been met with….resistance. And yes, we’re still cloth diapering. I have a load drying on the line right now.

As for tricks, she will now wave good-bye and blow kisses. She claps and gives high-five.

She makes all of us laugh, every day, with her funny faces and baby gibberish.

We are completely enamored of her, and can barely remember a time she wasn’t part of our family.

Happy Birthday to my tiny bunny.






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