Eleven Months of Chicken

Hi, my name is Hazel. I’m kind of a big deal.


So how’s our little chicken doing?

Eating: The eating situation has improved dramatically. She is madly in love with those little Halo oranges, and I buy them by the crate. She also will eat yogurt, grapes, squash, cheese, and whatever you’re eating. She’s sampled everything from hot dogs to pickled onions to etoufee.

Walking: Not yet, but soon. Last night she took her first unassisted step, and she’s repeated that trick a couple of times today. I predict she’s fully mobile within the month.


Words: She meows at the cat, and is learning “dog” and “please.” Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience as a parent so far, I’d much rather my kid be polite than smart.

Cloth diapers: Yes. It’s warm enough to dry them outside again, for which I am grateful. Since Hazel started eating real food, we’ve been using these diaper liners to catch the, um, solids. They work well.

We’re looking forward to celebrating a whole year of chicken next month. A whole year with this delightful little person! I can’t believe it. I have been very intentional about enjoying every phase with Hazel, and the time has STILL flown by.



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One response to “Eleven Months of Chicken

  1. Lisa

    Wonderful! Love the picture of her standing – so big!

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