Ten Months of Chicken



It’s hard to get an in-focus picture of Hazel these days because she is one busy little chicken. She is a lightning-fast crawler, and even when she’s not tearing up and down the hall like her diaper’s on fire, she’s in perpetual motion.


She loves to explore. Since the weather’s been nice, we’ve had the windows open, and she spends hours looking through the screens at the world outside.


She can stand pretty well now, and does so for longer stretches every day. We’re working on clapping and waving. She also enjoys following me around the house and supervising my work. I get a lot of this:


“Mama? Mama? Mama? Whatcha doing? Can I help? I’m so helpful.”

She still nurses three times a day, and we’re supplementing her oats and yogurt with bites of our food. She seems to enjoy many of our foods, including refried beans, rice, lentils, breads of all sorts, Goldfish crackers, and she-crab soup.


We took Hazel with us to Charleston a few weekends ago, and she was a delightful traveling companion. She loves being out and about, especially if Jason is carrying her in the backpack.

Hazel loves her dad. Her whole face lights up when he walks in the door, whether it’s been three hours or thirteen. She’s kind of like Lucius in that regard. She also loves her siblings. She’ll crawl from the family room back to the girls’ bedroom to see what they’re up to. She giggles at Tyler’s funny faces.


We love our darling girl.

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