Nine Months of Chicken

Hazel has been outside almost as long as she was inside! She’s finally doubled her birth weight – although I can’t imagine her half the size she is now.


This month has brought us pulling up on every stationary object (and some non-stationary ones), the beginnings of cruising along furniture, continued torment of the animals, and terrifying seconds of unassisted standing.

I have lost count of Hazel’s teeth. So many bitey, bitey teeth.

We continue to struggle with food, which continues to be bang-my-head-against-the-wall frustrating. In addition to oat cereal, Hazel will now eat baby yogurt, puffs, Cheerios, and cheese. We’re starting to give her tiny bites of our food, which she seems to like. She had a french fry once and it blew her mind.

I mean, I get that.


She laughs more, instead of looking vaguely concerned, when we act silly.

She no longer cries when we drive anywhere at night. She naps regularly – short nap at 10 a.m., long nap at 2 p.m. – but isn’t fazed when her schedule is disrupted. She loves being outside, especially when Jason puts her in the baby backpack and lets her supervise his tasks.


She is a delightful baby, and seems happy to be wherever her family is.

I just realized she’s wearing the same outfit as her eight-month pictures! Her growth has slowed a bit, so clothes fit longer than a few weeks. My wallet is thrilled.



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