High Five for Friday: Recycling

If there’s one thing I have learned about children, it’s that they grow. As a result, we make frequent voluminous clothing donations to Goodwill.

We recycle clothes when we can – Hollyn is able to hand down her clothes to Jensen, but obviously I’m not going to hang onto Old Navy’s finest for 10 years so that Hazel can wear them.

I have been looking for ways to repurpose the kids’ castoffs. Here are five examples:

1. T-shirt to Travel Shoe Bags

I took two of Tyler’s t-shirts and turned each body section into a shoe bag for traveling. I added a drawstring from my hoard, er, collection of notions:


2. T-shirt to Baby Pants

I took the sleeves from the gray t-shirt above and turned them into pants for Hazel. All I needed was a length of elastic for the waistband.


3. T-shirt to Wine Bottle Bag

I took the sleeves from the camouflage t-shirt and sewed up the bottoms to make unique wine bottle bags.

IMG_8619 (2)

4. Flannel Receiving Blankets to Reversible Baby Shoes

When babies are small, you use receiving blankets to cover every porous surface in your home. But now that my baby is a little older, and less prone to violent eruptions, we have a stack of receiving blankets taking up space. I cut up two of them to make reversible baby shoes. Again, a little elastic was all I needed.

IMG_8613 (2)

IMG_8612 (2)

5. T-shirt to Baby Pants, Take Two

Now that Tyler is a big-deal middle schooler, he had no more use for his elementary school class t-shirts. I used a purple one (OF COURSE) to make Hazel MOAR pants. Why does she need so many pants? The short answer is: fluffy cloth diapers. She’s a 9-month body with a 12-18 month booty. Bless her heart.

I actually took pictures of this recycling project.


I followed this tutorial, using a pair of pants that currently fit Hazel’s enormous bum.


I made sure that the hem of the shirt was the hem of the pants. Mama hates hemming.


These turned out super-cute, and Hazel enjoys wearing showing her Gilchrist Elementary pride.





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