Anatomy of a Burger

The craft burger craze has hit Tallahassee like a ton of angina-inducing bricks. It seems like a new burger place opens up weekly – from local places like The Tin Cow to chains like BurgerFi, our burger market is saturated.

Deliciously, deliciously saturated.

But because Jason and I are basically hermits, and because the idea of a $12 burger gives me the vapors, we decided to make our own Epic Burgers at home a few weeks ago.

We started with the basics: ground beef and bakery buns from Publix. Jason shaped the patties and splashed them with a little Dale’s Steak Seasoning.

I set to work making it FANCY. Naturally, I started with arugula. I dressed some with olive oil, salt and pepper. Done.

Next, I whipped up some Quick Pickled Onions, using this recipe.


Onions 1



These are unbelievably good. I may or may not eat them out of the jar. So, now our burgers had some virtuous vegetables and tangy onions.

Finally, I made some pimiento cheese. I started by making mayonnaise.

I told you, we went nuts.

So here’s how that went down.


First, you put an egg, salt, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, and lemon juice in your food processor. Turn it on, and drizzle in some olive oil. THAT’S IT. Seriously. I use the Cook’s Illustrated Food Processor Mayonnaise recipe, and it’s perfect every time. And I don’t even like mayonnaise.


Put the mayo in a big bowl, but don’t bother cleaning out the food processor. We have cheese to shred.


My pimiento cheese recipe is typically Southern, which is to say, I mess with it almost every time I make it. I start with a batch of the mayo (about 1.5 cups) and 16 oz. of extra sharp cheddar. This time, I got one white cheddar and one orange cheddar, because I felt like it. I shred the cheddar in the food processor, and add it to the mayo, with finely minced roasted red peppers (a.k.a. pimientos), onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, and sriracha.


Mix. Taste. Adjust.


We were ready to assemble (after eating some of the pimiento cheese on crackers, and by “crackers” I mean “spoon”).

Burger 2

This was the best burger I’ve ever had, hands down. The toppings worked together perfectly, and I dreamed about it for days afterwards. Especially the pickled onions. Holy moly.

I can’t wait for our next burger night.




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One response to “Anatomy of a Burger

  1. Lisa

    YUM! Burgers are the best! And I’m going to try those pickled onions, too

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