Seven Months of Chicken

Hazel is now seven months old.


My baby girl is an absolute delight. Hazel is up to four teeth – two top, two bottom. She can sit for long periods with no support, and is on the verge of crawling. Her plank position is textbook-perfect.

We avoided illness for almost seven months, but last week Hazel got a cold, complete with runny nose, icky cough, and general grumpiness. She is definitely on the mend, and I think she’ll make a full recovery in time for Christmas.


She’s intensely interested in everything around her, and would very much like to grab all the things, immediately.

Hazel loves bouncing in her jumperoo and rolling towards the animals. She also has a fascination with shoes, especially Jason’s.

We have tried to introduce “real” food to her, including purees of apple, sweet potato, butternut squash, and carrot. She uniformly rejected all of them. This is quite frustrating for us, because we LOVE food and don’t understand her resistance. She seems perfectly content to eat plain oat cereal forever.

This is, how you say, UNACCEPTABLE.

Other than her aversion to all food, she’s a happy and easygoing baby – even when sick. She babbles quite a bit, and we think she’s starting to make the connection between “mama” and me, and “dada” and Jason.

We are excited to celebrate Christmas with Hazel this year, and introduce her to our family traditions. I’m glad to have one last Christmas with breakable ornaments on the lower half of the tree!


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