Six Months of Chicken

Hazel is six months old!


Her development has really taken off in the last month. She has gained much greater control over her movements, and can roll with greater purpose. She sits up unassisted, and can grasp and manipulate objects with increased accuracy. Translation – she no longer hits herself in the face with things every single time.

We introduced rice cereal, which was a disaster, and quickly switched to oat cereal. I grind regular oats in my coffee grinder, and then cook enough for several days. Yesterday was the first day that eating really clicked with her. It was like she finally realized that we were not playing some messy game. Hazel’s first vegetable will be a sweet potato on Thanksgiving Day.

Her favorite activity is making out with the dogs. Ew.

Hazel’s hair is finally starting to grow in, and her fuzzy head is adorable.


Pinkies up! She’s so fancy.


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2 responses to “Six Months of Chicken

  1. Chicken is adorable, and now I can see how she looks like your husband!

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