Waffles, the verb

I make (what feels like) a million decisions a day.

Pants? Sure.

Shower? Probably.

Food? Aw, yiss.

But some decisions cause me great and continuing agony, for no apparent reason. I think it has to do with scope. I am very good at deciding between two or three options. I am terrrrrrrible at deciding when the options are basically unlimited.

Take the dining room.

When we chose paint colors for the house, I went neutral in all the living spaces (because, again, DECISIONS ARE SCARY). But I had the dining room painted gray – that was all the color excitement I could handle at that moment. I could not wait to put up curtains and recover the seats of the chairs so that we had a stylish room in which to eat.

Three. Years. Went. By. Three years!

What color did I want to use with the gray? Coral? Turquoise? Yellow? More gray and white? Plum? Teal? I had no idea in what direction I wanted to go, and it was paralyzing. We have a lot of antique furniture in that room, but we also use it for family dinner every night. It’s a very  hardworking space.

Pinterest was absolutely no help whatsoever. Every time I’d make up my mind, I’d see another BRILLIANT idea that I just had to copy. And every night we’d sit down to dinner and I’d look at the bare walls and mismatched chairs and sigh.

Strangely, it was Halloween that got me motivated to DO something. I actually decorated the dining room, and it looked fantastic:


So the next weekend I bit the bullet, went to the fabric store (the same store where I procured the fabric for the octopus chairs) and made a decision on curtain fabric. Surprising no one, it involved marine life.

It’s “Lotus Lake” by Waverly.

Because I spent a lot on the curtain fabric (where “a lot” = “a lot for me”), I needed to go cheap on everything else. To line the drapery panels, I bought a 9′ x 12′ drop cloth at Home Depot for around $20. I got a dowel rod, brackets, finials, and curtain ring clips at Lowes for just under $40, and painted them white with leftover spray paint.

And then I broke my d@mn sewing machine.



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