Five Months of Chicken

Hazel hit the five-month mark last week, so it’s time for an update.


Major milestones: Hazel has two teeth! The lower left came in first, followed shortly thereafter by the lower right.

She also now rolls from back-to-front and front-to-back with relative ease. She can roll off her activity mat onto the carpet, which reminds me I need to vacuum more frequently.

She is intensely interested in drinking vessels – cups, glasses, bottles – and food. This month we will introduce rice cereal, and next month it’s time for real food. Jason and the kids can’t wait to help feed her. Apparently diaper duty is just not as much fun as feeding.

Hazel had a great time at our church’s Trunk or Treat last Friday (see above) and loved interacting with all the children. At home, she’s delighted by the dogs and Ron the cat.

She’s close to sitting up on her own, and just needs a little support from me or the Boppy. She’s a good sport when she eventually and invariably flops over.

Overall, she’s a curious and observant little girl. She’s still laid-back and easygoing, and is supremely flexible when her schedule is interrupted (which happens, oh, daily). We just love her to pieces, and are so grateful to be her parents.



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