Chapter 43, In Which an Old Bed Gets New Life

I don’t like to admit this, but in 2007 I bought a matchy-matchy bedroom set.

It was a dark time in many ways. I had just separated from my ex-husband, and I was sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on camp chairs. I needed cheap furniture, like now. I went to A-9 Furniture in Tallahassee, which is almost as classy as its web site suggests. I paid cash for a bedroom set, couch, coffee table, and end tables. I figured the furniture would fall apart after a few years, and I would be able to replace the furniture with nicer pieces.

The couch has died (long live the couch!), but everything else is still in great shape. Here’s the inoffensive, cottage-y bed:



My great-grandmother, Original Flavor Hazel, had some exquisite furniture. I am the lucky recipient of several of her pieces, but my favorite is an antique four-poster bed. Unfortunately, because it was very old, it was very small – a bit smaller than a standard double bed. The bed lived in a storage unit, and then in our garage, and we never quite figured out what to do with it. I made several inquiries around town, but no one seemed interested in fabricating new rails and slats to make it a queen-sized bed.

Last month, Jason decided he would do it himself.

Bless his heart.

I’m so impressed with my husband in so many ways, but his determination is truly remarkable. He’s not a trained woodworker, but he did a beautiful job. He cut new rails, stained them, and bolted the whole thing together.

The first time we assembled the bed, we realized that our modern box spring was putting the top of the mattress almost four feet off the ground. Getting in bed was like trying to mount a horse. So Jason put a piece of plywood over the slats to create a platform bed, which was a significant improvement.

IMG_9665 (2)

And here’s the bed in its new home (with an adorable Hazel-shaped throw pillow):

IMG_9722 (2)

I dragged those posters around for over a decade, from Jacksonville to Alabama to Tallahassee, waiting for someone to help me turn a pile of high-end lumber into something useful and lovely. YES, THIS IS A METAPHOR.

IMG_9726 (2)

And if you know anyone who needs a queen-sized bed and boxspring, we have one we’ll sell for cheap….




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2 responses to “Chapter 43, In Which an Old Bed Gets New Life

  1. Lisa

    Wow, what a bed! (hello, kitty)

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