Four Months of Chicken

No, this isn’t some bizarre new food trend, it’s a Hazel update!

IMG_9705 (2)

Miss Miss will go back for her official checkup tomorrow, but judging by the condition of my arm muscles, she continues to gain weight. Judging by the rapid progression from “3-6 month” clothes to “6 month” clothes, she’s growing lengthwise, too.

Hazel still loves: Water. She loves her bath, and even ventured into the shower on Saturday night, which she enjoyed. She also loves to watch us eat, and seems to think it highly unfair that we don’t share our food with her.

Hazel now loves: Regular naps! She used to catnap during the day, for 15-20 minutes at a time, but now she takes a couple of longer, distinct naps during the day. She also loves laughing and “talking” to us.

What’s Hazel up to? At the beginning of September, she rolled over (front to back) four days in a row. Then she stopped. Now she just does pushups during tummy time. She’s working on the gun show. Hazel appears to be in the early stages of teething – drooling like a waterfall and gnawing on everything in sight. Tyler got teeth when he was four months old, so this is not a huge surprise. Hazel has gained increased control over her arms and hands, and can reach out to grasp objects with better accuracy. She only occasionally hits herself in the face.

How’s everyone else? Pretty good! The kids are all back in school, so they’re busy with homework and extracurriculars and youth group and friends and whatnot. I am still enjoying being home with Hazel, although the afternoon student pickup is kind of a beating. When I have to get all three kids (at three different schools), I leave home at 2:15 and don’t return until 4:45. I’ve started referring to my car as the Mobile Command Unit.

That’s about it! We’re all excited about fall (soups and jeans and pumpkins, oh my).


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  1. Lisa

    Sounds like life is really good! except that whole 3kids3schools thing…..

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