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Three Months of Chicken

Hazel turned three months old yesterday! Seemed like a good reason for an update.

Breastfeeding: Except for a bout of mastitis in July, things have been going swimmingly. Hazel continues to grow and put on weight at a normal rate. Yeay normal!

Cloth diapering: We are still cloth diapering. I have laundry days down to an exact science, and there have only been a few times when I’ve been unable to dry the diapers outside on the clothesline. We attempted a two-day trip with the cloth diapers in June, which was an enormous pain. We decided to travel with disposables from then on out. Just last weekend we went to Orlando for a workers’ compensation convention, and ran through 42 disposable diapers over 4 days. Yikes.

We have revised our diaper hoard somewhat. When we started out, we bought several different brands and styles (some new, some used). We were not fans of the offerings from Bonnibuns and Bambino Mio, although the latter’s inserts make excellent burp cloths. We recently purchased an additional six diapers from Charlie Banana and three from BumGenius, and still love our Fuzzibunz. Our hoard now stands at 33, which is perfect for an every-other-day laundry schedule with a bit of a cushion.

The only downside is that the diapers are so huge they kick her into the next clothing size. In a disposable, her three-month clothes fit fine. In a cloth diaper, she needs six-month clothes.

Milestones: Hazel now smiles and giggles and coos. These are like rays of sunshine in my day. For the first 8 weeks or so, babies are a sucking black hole of emotion. The first smile changes all of that. She started sleeping through the night over a month ago, and now generally sleeps from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best thing ever. EVER. She is able to grasp objects now, and seems to enjoy her Oball.

Emerging Personality: Hazel is generally quiet, calm, and serious. She loves “talking” with us and watching our faces. She does not like being in her car seat for extended periods of time. She is comfortable with strangers – which is a yeay/boo, I suppose – and does not seem to have attachment issues.

Me: I have eased into my new career as domestic engineer. It was quite an adjustment – I crave approval (GOLD STARS ON EVERYTHING) and Hazel is not really forthcoming with the positive performance evaluations. I have filled my time with volunteer work and church activities and teaching, and am tackling projects at home. Now that the older kids are back in school (at three different schools), a lot of my day is spent dropping them off and picking them up. I am incredibly grateful that I’m able to manage my own time. I took Tyler to school yesterday without anxiously watching the clock to make sure I wasn’t late for work. I picked him up and I wasn’t exhausted from a long day at a desk. I’ve been able to go with Jason on a couple of work trips to Destin and Orlando. It’s glorious, and it’s all thanks to my hardworking and devilishly attractive husband.

And here she is:



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