Did I mention I find it hard to relax?

Because I needed one more thing to do, I decided to make duvet covers for the girls’ room.

Their comforters are in great shape, but they’re hot pink on one side and faded lime green on the other, and the girls wanted something that fit better with their room color (pale sea glass green), rug color (gray and off-white), and preferences (teal, purple).

I hit up JoAnn fabrics over Mother’s Day weekend and got to work. I selected a Waverly home decor fabric to be featured in both duvet covers. Jensen requested a gray and white chevron as the accent on her duvet cover, and I selected a pale aqua with white dots for Hollyn’s:

I measured the existing comforter and added seam allowances (one inch where the main fabric met the contrast fabric, one inch for the side edges, one inch for the top edge, and two inches for the bottom edge), then cut my main fabric to size.


Then I laid the contrast fabric on top and cut it as well. Or rather, I would have, but I had some unintentional help.


Thanks, Ron. Now move.


After I got the pieces cut to size and pinned, the sewing (and seam pressing) part was easy. I made sure that the front totally covered the existing comforter, then repeated the procedure for the back.


Boots! Move!

Finally, I sewed the sides and top, and hemmed the opening at the bottom. I finished by hand-sewing four snaps across the bottom to keep everything in place.

And that’s it. Here’s the duvet in its natural habitat, after it was released back into the wild.


This project was large and therefore kind of difficult to wrangle, but the sewing part was easy – five straight seams and a hem. The covers are washable – hallelujah. And if they get bored of them in a few years, I’ll teach them to sew and they can make their own. Heh.




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One response to “Did I mention I find it hard to relax?

  1. Lisa

    Great fabric choices! I wonder what you’ll create next. . . . while you’re waiting.

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