And Then We Came to the End

First things first: Have you had that baby yet?

Friday was my last day of work. We decided that three children at three different schools plus a newborn (plus three pets, plus a house) equals a full-time job. I seriously doubt I will do nothing – relaxing is not my strong suit – but I don’t think I will ever return to a clock-punching desk-jockey position.

I held my job for almost seven years – longer than any other job I’ve ever had, and longer than either of my marriages (so far). My first five years out of college, I had six jobs. Since 2007, I’ve had one.

I feel like I have lost a bit of my identity. Someone asked me over the weekend what I did, and I said, “I’m a paralegal” before I realized that might be a lie. Talking about work, commiserating about work, griping about work – these are sacred American traditions. You can’t really complain about your children the same way.

I tried very hard to keep my work life and my personal life separate. As much as I fiddle around decorating my house, I put almost zero effort into personalizing my office. When I left on Friday, all my personal belongings fit into a small box, and most of the space in the box was taken up by a fleece jacket.

Today is my first day as a domestic engineer. It is also my due date.

Last weekend, we took my camera and tripod out into the back yard to get a few pictures before Kate the Chicken’s arrival, as I realized that I didn’t have a single picture of me, Jason, and my bump together.

Problem: solved.


I also got a few with my firstborn.


We had a hard time taking the whole thing seriously for very long.


I’ll be spending this week waiting for Kate the Chicken, making lists (MY FAVORITE) and trying not to wear myself out. Wish me luck!




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2 responses to “And Then We Came to the End

  1. Lisa

    Fun pictures, and that is a very pretty dress. Congratulations on your “retirement” – how exciting for you to move on to Domestic Engineer. I best you’ll find it takes a lot of skills to cover that new position. Excited to hear about Kate the Chicken’s arrival!

  2. Applause for your new adventure!!! Looking forward to reading about Kate the Chicken after she’s “hatched”.

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