Dear Jason’s Ex: About Last Night….

Approximate timeline of events, May 8, 2014:

8:00 – Jason’s ex calls him. Jason is awaiting a jury verdict in his trial. He tells Allison that the girls will call her back when he gets home.

8:50 – Allison calls my phone. Because she has a long history of being unable to use the telephone in a reasonable or adult manner, I do not answer.

A few minutes later – Hollyn notices what time it is, and asks, “Should we go ahead and call our mom on your phone?” I answered, “I don’t think your dad will be too much longer, and he’s already told her you’ll call her when he gets home.” She replied, “OK” and went to her bedroom, where she began texting her mother on her iPod. The text conversation went on for some time. At no point did I interfere in any way with this conversation.

9:45 – Jason arrives home. The girls immediately call Allison and speak for less than five minutes apiece.

This is the e-mail Jason got from her:

“From your text, you are in a trial and not yet home. I asked you to have our girls call me and I tried calling windy’s phone. She did not answer. Hollyn said that she asked windy if she could call me and windy refused to let them call their mother. You also said in your text that windy will not allow it.  This is not acceptable. If hers is the only phone available, our girls need to be able to use it.

It seems as if windy is deliberately keeping our girls from me.  Also, our girls are probably hurt and do not understand why they cannot call their mother when they ask to. I do not stop them from contacting you whenever they want. And I make sure you know how to get in touch with our girls if I will not be with them at the time of your call.”

As usual, she copied her attorney on this e-mail.

I (and my phone) do not exist to accommodate Allison’s phone calling schedule. The girls do not “need” to be able to use it, and I do not “need” to let them. She called at an inconvenient time, and Jason provided her an alternative time later the same evening. This wasn’t good enough. She demands instant, on-demand access. Anything less is “not acceptable.” The settlement agreement between Jason and Allison provides that they get a phone call every night. Fine. Guess who is not a party to that agreement? Me. If she wants me to do her the favor of letting the children use my phone, maybe she should consider not being a heinous bitch all the time. Just a thought.

They were not “hurt.” Hollyn did not ask if she COULD call her mother, she asked if she SHOULD call her mother – because she is well aware of her mother’s immature phone habits. I told her the same thing Jason told Allison – that they could talk when Jason got home – and that was the end of the conversation. She then proceeded to chat with her mother by text for the next half hour. This is categorized by Allison as “deliberately keeping our girls away from me.”

As an aside, I don’t know if she refuses to capitalize my name because she’s lazy, or because she feels it makes me somehow less of a person, but either way it does not make me inclined to work with her on this or any other issue.

This is the kind of nonsense we have to deal with constantly from her. She has never learned the phrase, “pick your battles.” Everything is a battle. Let me be clear – she contacted her attorney because she was told she would have to wait to speak to her children on the phone (as opposed to by text) yesterday, as Jason was still at work. That’s the whole issue.

Monday night, I called Tyler. He never called me back. It was irritating, but it certainly did not warrant this kind of overblown hysteria. I didn’t e-mail anyone. I didn’t notify an attorney. I didn’t repeatedly contact my ex, or call his roommate. I didn’t even text him. Sometimes you miss a phone call. It’s not the end of the world.

Want to take a guess how she’ll handle it if I happen to be in labor during Allison’s Special, Special Phone Time? I shudder to think.


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