Waste Not, Want Not

Yes, I am still pregnant. No, I am not terribly pleased about that.

While we’re waiting, I decided to knock out some small sewing projects.

One of my favorite things about Kate the Chicken’s nursery are the curtains. I took a plain pair of white curtains and added a leading edge that matched the rug in her room. But, because I am overly anxious about everything, I bought way too much fabric. This is the story of my sewing life, and why I have a ton of “stashbusters” pins on my Pinterest board. Sigh.

Anyway, I was determined to use up more of the fabric, since it ended up matching the rug so nicely.

First up: Pillows.

I bought two pillow forms several months ago (I think they were on sale?), and they had a ticking clock on them thanks to my recent commitment to stop hoarding craft supplies.

I made simple envelope-style pillow covers using this tutorial. My pillow forms were 16 inches square.

Done. Next?

Burp cloths. Over the years, we have amassed an alarming number of towels. I decided to use this tutorial, along with a lonely white towel, to make a set of four burp cloths for Kate the Chicken. I cut mine 10″ x 18″.

These were ridiculously easy, but turned out so well!

Why have I not made them before? Spoiler alert for my pregnant friends: You’re getting these. I mean, not THESE these. They’re for Kate the Chicken.

Now I only have about half a yard of this fabric to use up.

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One response to “Waste Not, Want Not

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the pillow tutorial – I need to make some pillows for my deck chairs and this will be perfect. Cute burp cloths, too! I really do like that fabric.

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