Done is the Only Virtue

It would appear that our caterpillar of a guest room has completed its transformation into a butterfly of a nursery.


If you set the Way Back machine to Way Back, this is how the room looked when we moved in:


After the fire, things looked better, though it was still a snoozefest:


And now, the details.

The to-do list was pretty simple:

1. Paint
2. Trade full-size bed for twin bed
3. Rug
4. Curtains
5. Baby furniture – crib & glider

Everything else would be re-used from Tyler’s babyhood or procured from within the house.

We did spring for the best paint we could get, and it was worth it. The color is just beautiful, and the paint went on like a dream. The dresser (pictured in the first photo) is a family piece, and the changing pad and cover were Tyler’s.


The crib and mattress we bought on Craigslist, and the bedding was Tyler’s. The art above the crib was made by the kids.


The twin bed and bedding was bought from a friend, and the quilted white shams came from HomeGoods. The glider is being borrowed from a friend. The large art piece on the right hung in my nursery when I was a baby, and the other two pieces were already in our house.


Jason and I also made art for the nursery. Mine is on the left, Jason’s is on the right. The text on mine is “On Children,” by Kahlil Gibran. The landscape was made by Tyler for an art class, and yes, that’s my Amherst diploma. The mat is a deep purple silk that goes nicely with the landscape.


The curtains are my favorite project. I bought a cheap pair of white rod-pocket panels from Target, adjusted the hem so that they just skim the floor, and added a leading edge out of some fabric that coordinates with the rug.  They’re hung on a rod with drapery clips.


And that’s it! Bring it on, Kate the Chicken. We’re ready.








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2 responses to “Done is the Only Virtue

  1. Lisa

    It looks great! Nice rug 🙂

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