Nursery Progress: Farewell, Beige

Over the weekend we painted the nursery. And when I say “we painted the nursery,” I mean “Jason worked his tail off while I assisted with taping and cutting in, then left to go to a baby shower.” Bless him. He’s such a good person.

So here’s a before shot, featuring the Beigeness of It All:


We started by taping the ceiling and trim. BORING. But NECESSARY.


There was more trim than I remembered.


Then we cut in. And I “helped.”


And FINALLY, it was time to roll. This was taken after one coat. It needed two.


While I was gone, Jason did the whole second coat by himself, then put the furniture back where it belonged. Yesterday, we added a glider we’re borrowing from a friend.



I am in love with the color. It’s sooooo sooooooothing. I’m usually a fan of bolder colors, but this room is kind of cave-like to begin with, and the lighter color really helps. (I mean, unless you like caves. I don’t know your life.)

Next up: Artwork on the Cheap. Followed by Curtains on the Cheap.




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