No Darkroom Required

I love taking pictures, especially since Jason gave me a fancy-schmancy camera for Christmas 2012. I’m still very much an amateur, but I enjoy it.


And yet, I am terrrrrrible about printing photos. I am only marginally better about backing photos up onto a CD or web site.


That said, one of my biggest fears is losing my photographs. We were incredibly lucky that our house fire didn’t damage a single one, but the thought of losing images of deceased relatives or ever-changing children is just heart-stopping.


You want to know how many of our wedding photos we’ve had printed since 2009? Two. TWO.


Recently, I decided to take action. I saw several tutorials like this one, which create a customizable rotating display for photos. And I also learned that Snapfish now offers “Deco Prints.” Like Printstagram, you get 4×4 photos printed on heavy cardstock. Unlike Printstagram, you don’t have to order sets of 24, and can often get free shipping.


I have an Instagram feed, but I used Picasa to crop most of these photos, then sent 53 to be printed, all taken during 2013. They won’t all fit in a frame at once, but I can rotate them throughout the year.


I printed lots of pictures of the kids, and several of the pets (both living and not-living). I also printed some of my attempts at nature photography.


I also needed a big frame. I scored this bad boy for $20 at Goodwill. Note: Frames without glass are much cheaper. (Jason asked, “Should we make sure this isn’t secretly a masterwork before we take the picture out?”)


I can’t wait to see how the finished product looks. I plan to hang my collage over the sofa in the family room, where I can see it every day.

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