Beach Bum

It’s hard to explain to people that, while I grew up in Florida and currently live in Florida, I do not get to the beach that often.

Part of it is the distance – Tallahassee is 45 miles from the coast as the crow flies, but it’s at least an hour-long drive to a decent beach.

Part of it is that I am a wee bit high-maintenance about my beach experience. I like walking on the beach. I do not like sunning myself, as I am frequently confused for some sort of beached sea mammal. STOP TRYING TO THROW ME BACK. I love watching the ocean from a porch, balcony, or veranda. I’m not crazy about parking my buns on a towel for hours and hours.


This past weekend I met some friends from college in Fort Myers, and on Sunday we drove out to Sanibel Island. We walked on the beach, watched a large pod of dolphins playing, and visited the lighthouse – which is not really a lighthouse, but more like a light-on-a-stick.


It was lovely.


There were plenty of birds to watch. This one gave me the side-eye.


The driftwood was fantastic.


It was also Kate the Chicken’s first beach experience. She must be a big fan of dolphins, as she did a wonderful frolicking-dolphin impression for several hours afterwards.




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