A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!

One of the scientific properties of a gas is that it expands to fill its container.

Turns out this is also one of the scientific properties of junk.

We bought a house with four bedrooms. We’ve been using the fourth bedroom as a guest room. And a crafts storage room. And an off-season clothes storage room. And a childhood-memorabilia room. And a home office (by which I mean the modem, printer, and paper live there).

You get the idea. It’s kind of crazy up in there. And now we need it to be a full-time bedroom for Kate the Chicken, so it needs to change, pronto.

This is what we had going on up until a couple of weeks ago:

Guest Room

Not pictured: The closet on the left was filled with clothes, suitcases, and my entire childhood.

When we put the crib together, we quickly realized that the double bed was eating up a lot of floor space and would probably need to go. Also needing to go? The computer desk.

This is what I would like the finished product to look like:

Nursery Plan

Here’s our progress so far. WARNING: Stuff’s about to get real. Real messy.

This is the current state of the closet. The suitcases moved to the attic, and all the clothes not belonging to Kate the Chicken were stored. The stack to the right is all sewing gear, and that’s my sewing machine on the left. The upper shelf is still filled with old paperwork and bins of childhood stuff. Possibly also Jimmy Hoffa. The bar holds Kate the Chicken’s existing wardrobe.


“But Windy,” you protest, “it is highly unlikely that Kate the Chicken will want to wear Jason’s old dress shirts.”

Maybe not now. But she will when I do this with them:


We have successfully swapped out the double bed for a twin (thanks, Karen!):


The wall color we’ve chosen is Home Song by Behr, which is a pale pear green. It will replace the current color, The Beigest Beige in All The Land.

It goes nicely with the crib bedding, which is a hand-me-down from Tyler:


The crib now contains empty storage containers from Epic (and Ongoing) Guest Room Purge 2014. It will eventually (probably) trade places with the dresser:


And here’s the dresser. I mentioned before that it was my father’s when he was a boy, and I inherited it in high school. The mirror is detachable, and will be removed for Kate the Chicken: The Early Years:


Again, MOAR disaster. I’m working on it! Being crafty requires almost as much gear as having a baby!

I hope this has been a window into my Big Nursery Vision, and not a casting call submission for Hoarders. We work on the room a little bit every day, and it already looks loads better than when I took these photos. The dresser has been emptied and cleared off, for example.

The next step will be painting the walls. We haven’t had to paint a thing since we moved back in, so I feel a lot of pressure to do a good job. (I mean, come on. I pressure myself to be the valedictorian of everything – why would painting be any different?)





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3 responses to “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!

  1. Lisa

    You’re making great progress! Not only are you getting Kate the Chicken’s little nest ready, but you’re also cleaning out! 2 4 1 ! it’s looking great!

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