Crafty: Ornament Storage

Our Christmas tree holds an eclectic (read: non-matching) assortment of ornaments. Some have been handed down from my parents, some have been made by the children, and some have been procured while traveling. For the last few years, we have relied on ornament storage boxes like this one:

My biggest problem with the boxes is that the dividers are not attached to the bottom of the box – meaning that flat ornaments slide around when you pick up the box.

I wanted something a little sturdier, that could be configured with a little more flexibility.

As usual, it was Pinterest to the rescue. I found a link to this blog post, which referenced a 10-year-old ornament storage tip from Martha Stewart.

I fired up my glue gun and got to work.

photo 1

My storage container can hold three tiers of cups. I fit 21 on the first level, 26 on the second, and 28 on the third, for a total of 75. That’s a lot of ornaments, it turns out. I was able to double up on small ornaments (usually a soft fabric ornament with a harder glass or metal ornament). We only needed to make 2 levels for the second storage container, and used the top “shelf” for odd-sized ornaments.

photo 2

Up into the attic they went!

I like this method because it keeps the ornaments safe from attic vermin (like the ones that ate my wreath), and the boxes remain pretty lightweight, even when fully loaded.

I spent $5 on plastic cups and $16 for two storage containers, for a total of $21. I already had cardboard and a glue gun.

I am pleased.


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