Kate the Chicken

Because it’s not official until it’s been announced on the internet: I’m pregnant. And it’s awesome.

Jason and I are expecting a baby girl in May, and we could not be happier or more excited.

When we told the children after our eight-week appointment, Tyler decided that if it was a girl, it should go by its middle name, like Hollyn does. I asked him for suggestions, and he blurted out, “Kate the Chicken.” So we’ve been referring to the baby as Kate the Chicken for the last several months, long before we knew whether it had ladybits or dudebits.

It’s kind of catchy.


So far, the last 20+ weeks have been smooth sailing. I hurt my knee in a 5K when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, but I have been walking and doing this prenatal yoga DVD. My doctors are very much of the “everything in moderation” and “use common sense” and “STEP AWAY FROM THE INTERNET” school, so the whole experience has been very laid-back and low-stress.

Cravings have included Frosted Mini Wheats, hard boiled eggs, and carbs in all forms, especially pasta. Aversions have included (until recently) meat and seafood.

How have the kids taken the news? Tyler is generally excited. He had a slight preference for a boy baby, but he’ll be an excellent big brother either way. He likes to talk to the baby and feel it kick. The girls are comfortable with the idea, but occasionally slip into gloom and doom predictions based on their experience with their cousins, who are very young. It’s typical older-sibling stuff – you won’t have any time for us, we’ll have to do all the work and change all the diapers, going out to dinner will be an ordeal, WOE IS MEEEEE. It will be a matter of showing them, not telling them, that things will be fine. All three of them are great with other people’s children (and the girls love their cousins to pieces!), so I’m not worried.

Plus, now we get to shop for a minivan. Awwwww, YEEEAAAH.






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5 responses to “Kate the Chicken

  1. Toby


    Also, was that our 5K? OOO NOOOOEEES

  2. Windy Taylor

    Hahaha, it was your 5k. But I harbor no ill will towards you or the lovely state park where it happened.

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations! I’m sure your girls will end up fighting to get to be the one to hold her and rock her…maybe not the diaper-changing thing, though. Best wishes and what Happy New Year this will be!

  4. Shannon

    Congratulations Windy!! What wonderful news. Baby girls are a lot of fun 🙂

  5. Alicia Policia

    Muchos congrats, Windy! For some reason I realized this afternoon that, “Hey, I haven’t been to Windy’s blog in a while! I wonder what she’ s up to lately, because it’s usually something cool, or a topic intelligently discussed with which I agree.”

    So, imagine my delight to unearth this great news during today’s visit. You have been up yo something cool, indeed!

    P.S. I see you have also discussed related topics (baby nursery decor) intelligently and in a manner with which I agree. You do not disappoint.

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