I’d love to be one of those writers who intentionally “takes time off” from blogging to “really enjoy the holiday season.” Truth be told, I just didn’t have time/energy/motivation to write over the break, and I’m OK with that.


(Jason refers to Christmas cards as “old-fashioned Facebook Likes.”)

We had all the kids for Christmas this year, which always carries the Potential for Disaster, or at least, Potential for Homicidal Urges. But it was fine! They got along well, and we have a big enough house where they can be physically caged, er, separated from each other in times of stress. I think they’re finally appreciative of the thoughtfulness of Christmas gifts, rather than just the volume, which is a tremendous relief. The biggest hit appears to be Settlers of Catan, which they played at least six times between Wednesday and Sunday. Ah, the sweet sounds of bickering over sheep and logs….


My mom and my brother came over for the holidays, and they seemed to have a nice time. (Yes, my brother is really, really tall.)


Right after Thanksgiving, I made an Epic Christmas Plan (no, seriously, I have a Google Doc with that title) and stuck to it. I listed two or three “big” projects each weekend, and smaller projects during the weeks leading up to Christmas. It made everything seem much more manageable and less overwhelming.


I listened to plenty of Pandora’s “Swinging Christmas” station, made ornaments with the kids, and spent a lot of time gazing at my tree. We also went to see the Hobbit movie, which I enjoyed.


(This goldfish is mesmerizing.)


By Saturday evening we had most of the Christmas decorations packed away in the attic, and on Sunday all the children decamped to spend the second half of winter break with their other parents.

A nice quiet has descended over our house. I have a list of projects to tackle in the week that the children are away, and I am mentally rubbing my hands together with glee at the prospect of crossing things off a list.

Mmmm… lists…..

I hope your holidays were festive.






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2 responses to “Christmas

  1. Lisa

    Glad your kids got along, glad you enjoyed your break, and glad you’re back writing. Happy New Year!

  2. Windy Taylor

    Happy New Year to you too!

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