That’s how I roll.

I’m not the world’s largest fan of sweets. Chocolate gives me migraines (I KNOW, THE HORROR), and I tend to prefer taste over looks, so highly-decorated Christmas cookies are not at the top of my list of things to make in December.


Jason gave me the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for Christmas several years ago, and I fell in love with her cinnamon rolls. They’re delicious! I made them around Christmas 2009, then skipped three years for no good reason (I had several not-good reasons! Like not having the children for Christmas in 2010 and 2012, and moving back into our house during Christmas 2011!).

This year, I decided to re-instate the cinnamon-sugar goodness.


That’s not a typo – the full recipe makes a LOT of rolls. I decided to halve it.

It turns out, that was the last good decision I made that day. Because you see, children, there is an instruction hidden in the recipe that I totally missed. More on that later.

I made the dough, rolled it out, and hummed a hymn of praise for my capacious counter tops:


I also made the decision to incorporate finely-chopped, almost ground, pecans to the roll filling:



I tight-rolled them like my jeans from 1994, sliced, and arranged them in pans:


I left them to snuggle under a dish towel while I made the maple glaze. But when I removed the towel 20 minutes later, I found something…. unexpected:


The rolls, they had not risen.

I looked back at the recipe and discovered the hidden instruction I missed the first time. Halfway through the dough formation, you’re supposed to let it sit for an hour. I’m used to pizza crusts and other yeast doughs, which rise after the dough has been prepared.

Undeterred, I baked and glazed them anyway. The kids will love them.


The next day, I made a second attempt. I would not be thwarted by a yeast dough!


That, my friends, is properly risen dough. Feeling quite smug, I finished preparing the rolls, popped them in the oven…… and spied the unused cinnamon sitting on the counter.





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