Gratitude: November 22

November 22: I am grateful for Dave Ramsey.

Ramsey has his share of critics and skeptics, mostly on his higher-order financial advice about investing and retirement planning, but his basic message is hard to argue with – get out of debt, live on less than you make, and stop borrowing money. If you’re not familiar with Ramsey or his philosophy, Megan McArdle at the Atlantic wrote two very good pieces on her experience with his program.

I’ve always been a fan of Dave Ramsey – it’s the same financial advise espoused by my mom and my grandmother. It’s how I grew up. When I met Jason, he had a very different financial perspective, but he has come to appreciate and admire Dave’s teachings. This fall, we taught Financial Peace University at our church, which was a very rewarding experience for us (and hopefully our class members!). And last month, we paid off Jason’s student loans, the very last of our non-mortgage debt. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.



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