Halloween was a bit of a yeay/boo this year for me. I ran out of time, ran out of money, and ran out of steam well before Thursday.

I didn’t even get to listen to “Thriller” yesterday. NOT. ONCE. The closest I got was watching a truly weird Vincent Price movie that was on TV last night.

But let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

We decorated the Volvo for our church’s Trunk or Treat last Friday, and all the kids had a ball:

Trunk or Treat

I made ghosts for my front porch, and put out pumpkins:


Tyler was very happy with his Death costume. He and I made his scythe together (from a dowel, a foam board, and some spray paint):


We trick-or-treated with Tyler’s BFF and his family, which was fun. Bonus: we got home reasonably early and were in bed before 10. This constitutes “a good time” for me.


Next year, I will do better. I will start earlier, plan more thoroughly, and listen to “Thriller” on repeat. MY WILL BE DONE.


I hope your Halloween was festive and candy-filled.




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