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Gratitude: November 27

November 27: I am grateful for the amazing natural diversity of this country. This morning I woke up in flat, sandy Florida, and this evening I’ll go to sleep in the rolling green mountains of North Georgia. No passport or immunizations required.


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Gratitude: November 26

November 26: I am grateful for recipes that are logical and make efficient use of ingredients. For example, I make a very tasty Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce for Thanksgiving every year, because my husband loves it. Heavy whipping cream, which is something I don’t normally keep on hand, comes in a one quart (four cups) container. The bread pudding recipe calls for 2 3/4 cups of heavy cream, and the vanilla sauce calls for 1 1/4 cups. No waste!


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Gratitude: Weekend of November 23-25

November 25: I am grateful for marching bands. They fall solidly into the category of ultimately senseless things that I find completely delightful.


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Gratitude: November 22

November 22: I am grateful for Dave Ramsey.

Ramsey has his share of critics and skeptics, mostly on his higher-order financial advice about investing and retirement planning, but his basic message is hard to argue with – get out of debt, live on less than you make, and stop borrowing money. If you’re not familiar with Ramsey or his philosophy, Megan McArdle at the Atlantic wrote two very good pieces on her experience with his program.

I’ve always been a fan of Dave Ramsey – it’s the same financial advise espoused by my mom and my grandmother. It’s how I grew up. When I met Jason, he had a very different financial perspective, but he has come to appreciate and admire Dave’s teachings. This fall, we taught Financial Peace University at our church, which was a very rewarding experience for us (and hopefully our class members!). And last month, we paid off Jason’s student loans, the very last of our non-mortgage debt. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.


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Gratitude: November 21

November 21: I am grateful for the customer service people at, who turned a potentially depressing boot-buying nightmare (involving three pairs of boots, two returns, and a partridge in a pear tree) into a pleasant, efficient experience. Everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly and helpful. Bless you, Zappos.

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Gratitude: WIWW, November 20, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted a What I Wore Wednesday, but I’m still grateful for it. Not only did it get me out of a clothes rut and make me examine (sometimes painfully!) what did and did not look good on me, it gives me ideas every week for new ways to wear things.

pleated poppy

Anyway, here’s me today:


Shirt: Hand-me-down
Jeans: Loft
Scarf: Gift
Earrings: World Market
Shoes: Clarks

I even did something fancy with my hair! I’m currently having a debate with my head – if I can find attractive, interesting things to do with my shoulder-length hair, I can keep it. Otherwise, we’re hopping a train to Pixietown.


(Tutorial here.)

Have a lovely week!




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Gratitude: November 19

November 19: A twofer.

Today was my grandmother’s birthday. She was born 104 years ago in the Florida panhandle when the panhandle was like the Wild West (i.e. before air conditioning). I am grateful for everything she taught me, even if I stubbornly resisted 90% of the lessons at the time.


I am grateful for my women’s circle. Every month we get together and share our joys and concerns, and it’s just such a restorative and energizing time. Bonus: many of them have adorable animals.

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