One Hundred Thousand

October 7, 2013: Somewhere between Tallahassee and Pensacola, my car hit 100,000 miles.

Jason was kind enough to (pull over and) snap a picture, because he’d borrowed my car for the trip. My elderly CR-V gets better gas mileage than his even-more-elderly Volvo.


I remember the only other time I’ve seen a car roll over to 100,000 – it was my mom’s diesel Mercedes station wagon, which was later all jacked up when she filled it with unleaded gas. Oops.

My 2005 Honda CR-V is the first car I bought all by myself. I researched intensely, like I was planning to use the vehicle for a trip to the moon instead of the grocery store. I found the best price in a 100-mile radius on the model I wanted, and then I took a big ole cashier’s check to the dealership. Yes, I sweated a little when I handed it over. But 9 years and 100,000 miles later, it’s been a good trade. Aside from oil changes and brake jobs, the car has been very low-maintenance. I mean, duh. It’s a Honda.

It’s not a thrilling car. I just spent 20 minutes reviewing my photos from 2013 and I don’t have a single picture of it. But it gets me from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss, and I appreciate that.

Tyler has already called dibs on it when he turns 16.





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2 responses to “One Hundred Thousand

  1. Lisa

    With every car I’ve owned, I’ve seen this phenomenon. I had a Chrysler that went over 400,000 miles. Right now, my little Saturn is over 160,000 and is running GREAT! (I like not having a car payment)

  2. Here comes the crazy… Pretty sure your car was in your “family” Amherst photo, since it had the bumper sticker. I’m sorry I can’t contain the crazy, it justs spews and I have to share it.

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