These Boots are Made for Walking

It has been two weeks since Homer went to frolic in the big green meadow in the sky. And Fate gazed down upon us and deciding that we had a Boston-Terrier-shaped hole in our life. Then Fate gleefully rubbed her hands together.

Internet, meet Boots.


Boots belonged to a couple in North Carolina, and when the husband passed away, the wife was no longer able to care for Boots. The dog ended up with a friend of my mother’s on a temporary basis. My mother’s friend convinced Boots’ rightful owner that she would be happiest living with us.


I hope she’s right! Boots is a brindle and white Boston, weighs about 12 lbs., and is very shy with people (but fine with animals).

She’s definitely warming up to me and Jason. She likes sitting with me on the couch, and is excited to see me when I come home from work. Boots is super-quiet, too – until she’s asleep! Her snoring is incredibly loud, considering it’s emanating from such a small body.


Aw, now she’s mad I told her secrets. She’s so ladylike.

The Boston Terrier Rescue coordinator said she can be an honorary member of the BTRET, but only as a “happy tail” of a Boston who found a forever home.

Welcome home, Boots!



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2 responses to “These Boots are Made for Walking

  1. Oh my goodness! She’s so cute! It makes me so happy that you filled the dog-shaped hole in your life. I bet she’ll be so happy with you guys!

  2. Lisa

    Hooray! Congratulations!

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