Hellooooooo. Weather.com assures me that it will not get above 90 degrees this week, but weather.com frequently lies to me. And yet I keep coming back for more. Hm.

pleated poppy

Despite having lived in Florida my entire life, I feel there is something cosmically wrong with wearing flip-flops or sandals at the end of September. Call me crazy (I’ve been called worse). The good news is, my co-workers keep my office set between “meat locker” and “walk-in cooler,” so it’s really never a good time for sandals. Yeay?


Skirt: Loft

Sweater tee: J.Crew (from Urban Thread)

Flats: Shoe Station, probably

Scarf: Cedar Chest, Northampton, MA (please note it is covered in elephants)

Lucius: Needy

Have a lovely week.

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One response to “WIWW

  1. Air-con temps can definitely qualify you for a bit of a faux-fall season! 🙂

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