That’s right, I’m giving up and just calling it “What I Wore (With My Maxi Skirt) Wednesday.”

pleated poppy

It’s still hot here. Like, over 90 degrees every day hot. My soul thirsts for corduroys and suede, but cannot be satisfied. I take refuge in my maxi skirt.


Did I mention that my office is pretty casual?

And just to prove that I don’t wear this skirt every day (or even every week!), here’s what I wore on Monday:


Oh, hi there.

Have a lovely week!



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6 responses to “WIW(WMMS)W

  1. Lisa

    You look great in that maxi skirt – keep wearing it!

  2. Oh how I wish I could wear a maxi skirt right now…preggo body won’t allow it! Great look

    Indulgera Blog

  3. Can you please send some of your hot weather to NJ? The beginning of the week was 48 degrees in the morning!

    Love the striped maxi!

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

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