WIWW: Pumpkin Spice

And behold, the pumpkin spice coffee was displayed prominently, and the people knew it was fall, and there was much rejoicing.

pleated poppy

This has been a hard week. More on that tomorrow.

This outfit is so delightfully fall-ish, though, I can hardly stand it. I did not embrace orange (or pink, for that matter) until I was a grown-up person, but now I am like a moth to an orange flame.

I started simple – Ann Taylor trouser jeans (you can tell they’re old because they’re boot cut, heh) and a white v-neck tee. Then I added a chartreuse belt that came with a pair of Target pants once upon a time. Next came a paprika-colored suede blazer that I picked up at Goodwill on Labor day for $5.00. And lastly, a pretty infinity scarf I got this weekend in Northampton, MA, when I was visiting The Great White North for a friend’s wedding.


Oh, and sandals, because it’s still 90+ every day here.

Have a lovely week!


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2 responses to “WIWW: Pumpkin Spice

  1. It is still 90 degrees here too… I am just so ready for fall! I had my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday and it definitely made me even more ready!

    I love that scarf!

  2. very nice!

    Come check out this single mom I’m featuring and I’d love love LOVE it if you’d be so kind to like her fb page?


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