Fifth Grade

Tyler started fifth grade today.

I don’t know what to say beyond, “WHAT?!”

Kindergarten - Ms. Krause

Kindergarten – Ms. Krause

My mind is kind of blown.

First Grade - Ms. Newland

First Grade – Ms. Newland

I watched him get ready this morning. Watched him as he got himself dressed, made his bed, fixed his breakfast, and helped with the animals.

Second Grade - Ms. Crowe

Second Grade – Ms. Crowe

There were times – many, many times – when I literally never thought I’d see the day he’d be capable of pouring himself a bowl of cereal.

Third Grade - Ms. Jones

Third Grade – Ms. Jones

And now? Now he’s like the champion of cereal. Among other things.

5 Fourth Grade 2

Fourth Grade – Ms. Bottini

I don’t miss herding him from one morning task to another. I do miss his tiny chubby cheeks, his sticky kisses, and his utter and complete faith in me.

Fifth Grade - Ms. Bryant

Fifth Grade – Ms. Bryant

Happy First Day of School, Tyler.


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