What I…..

Over the weekend:

What I read: The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. Five stars! I loved it. I started it Saturday morning and finished it up last night.

What I cooked: This Summer Zucchini Skillet with Poached Eggs. We had it for dinner, it would have been equally awesome for brunch. And I poached my eggs the “real” way, without my trusty poach pods. 75% of them turned out picture-perfect. The other one? Not so much. The yolk kind of got squirrelly and tried to ditch the whites.

What I canned: Basil Pesto, using basil from my yard. I hesitate to call it a “garden,” since it’s two basil plants and two parsley plants, but I haven’t had to buy either at the grocery store in months. That’s a win, folks.

What I laundered: Everything! We picked the kids up from camp on Friday. They were exhausted but had a GREAT time. When the camp director mentioned that they had open slots for the last few weeks of this summer, Hollyn asked if she could go back. She wasn’t kidding. Even my risk-averse Tyler tried new things at camp, including tubing behind a boat and climbing the rock wall.

What I learned: Until Friday, Tyler thought the Alicia Keys song was “This Squirrel is on Fire.”



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3 responses to “What I…..

  1. Tspear

    That last comment of what Tyler thought the Alicia Keyes song was, hilarious!!! made me laugh out loud.

  2. Krista

    “Why is Brenna on fire?”.

  3. Hey I met her and have an autographed copy of “Night Circus” 🙂

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