WIWW: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s maxi skirt.

It’s official. I’m in love.

pleated poppy

I love the look of maxi skirts…. on other people. Specifically, people who are not shaped like me. As a dear friend once observed (about someone else! I promise!), ankle length skirts make me look rather like a door from the waist down. And so I resigned myself to letting the maxi skirt trend pass me by, like so many non-pear-friendly trends before it – skinny jeans, drop-waist dresses, and anything ever worn by Kate Moss.

While I was on my summer top adventure/nightmare last weekend, I spotted this skirt lurking at the back of the Loft store. Because I am a glutton for punishment, and still licking my wounds from the Inadvertent Romper Incident, I tried it on.

Angels sang. I kid you not.

It was comfortable, it was reasonably flattering, it was….. the only item in the store not on sale.

I bought it anyway. If you have been around me for more than about 30 seconds, you know this is HIGHLY UNUSUAL.


I wore it to church on Sunday with a chunky turquoise necklace, and then again to work on Monday with an infinity scarf I made.


It feels like pajama pants, and the wide waistband keeps everything where it’s supposed to be. I may wear it to sleep tonight.

Have a lovely week!



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2 responses to “WIWW: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s maxi skirt.

  1. I love it! Looks fabulous on you. The door comment totally made me laugh. Never quite thought of it like that.

    So, today I’m showing 5 Ways to Wear A Striped Maxi Skirt on my blog. You totally pop over and see if you can get some ideas.


  2. Lisa

    That looks great on you! Good choice!

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