Heart of Darkness

The plan was simple. I was almost out of my special-snowflake makeup, but was uninterested in paying Sephora to ship it to me.

This meant a trip to the mall, which DO NOT WANT. I do not like crowds, I do not like strong smells, and I do not like tube-rompers.

However, if a trip to the mall was in my cards, I decided to make the best of it. I thought I could continue my search for the elusive Perfect Summer Top – breezy and lightweight, dressier than a t-shirt but more casual than work-wear. Something like this, from Beso:


Right off the bat, my mission encountered setbacks. It turns out my local Sephora no longer carries my special-snowflake makeup. FAIL. Dejected, I turned to the only place that could possibly make me feel worse: Forever 21.

Since I’ve been participating in What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy, I have been impressed with several things from F21. Cute seasonal tops, for example.

I took a deep breath and plunged in.

My first thought was ABORT ABORT ABORT. The store is noisy, crowded, and utterly disorganized. It’s basically everything I hate about the mall in one place.

But I was not about to let another setback derail my mission. I had made it this far, right? Into the heart of darkness? I rolled up my sleeves and got elbow-deep in the racks of cheap clothes.

Just when I was about to flip my sh*t at the sheer (literally) horror of it all, I spied a cute top. It was royal blue with tiny pineapples all over it, and featured a pintucked front and gathered waist. I had to check the tag to make sure it hadn’t been kidnapped from another store. I made my way to the fitting room and was just swinging it over my head when I encountered something….unexpected.

A crotch.

My adorable top was actually a ROMPER.

I yelped. Out loud. I’m sure the girl in the next dressing room thought I’d encountered a cockroach. I flung the offending garment away from me, betrayal flooding my heart.

A romper. What the actual what.


It was at this point that I decided my sanity was no longer worth saving a few bucks, and headed to Loft.


Mission Accomplished.


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