WIWW: Summer Work Wear

Hellooooooo there.

pleated poppy

My Pinterest dashboard is filled with images of summery, gauzy outfits that would look completely out of place in an office setting. Can you imagine rolling up to the copy machine in a floaty maxi skirt and tank top? Or pouring a cup of bitter, overcooked coffee in a slip of a sundress and fedora? Me neither.

Once again, employment has thwarted me in my quest for attractiveness.


Delicate tank and wedges? Summer-y!

Sensible work trousers? Work-y!

Whole outfit: Comfortable!

Thumbs up. Have a lovely week.


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2 responses to “WIWW: Summer Work Wear

  1. This is the perfect top! I love the detailing.


  2. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I would love to wear summer sundresses and tank tops all day in the summer but… I work in an office. At least I have a window I guess! You look cute – that top is great on you!

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