Back in May, I had some of my photographs printed with an eye towards actually hanging them up in my house. The cost of photo printing was about $3.00.

A couple of weeks ago, I found 8 good white frames in the clearance section of Michaels, so I got them for $12 apiece, or around $100.

I decided to hang the group of photos in the living room, which has one GIANT ENDLESS BLANK WALL that is currently occupied by a single mirror.


I had leftover navy paint from my foyer table, so I used that to paint the frames. The blue matches the octopus chairs, which obviously are the most important things, ever.


It took three coats of paint per frame, so the painting ended up being an all-day process. I kept reminding myself that I was saving money. Saaaaaaving money.

We let them dry overnight in the guest room, with the fan on. The next morning I laid out the frames on the living room floor, to see how I wanted to hang them.


Ron would not move, so he became part of the art installation.

The process was…. laborious. Each frame had two triangle-shaped hangers on the back. The hangers were not evenly-spaced, nor was the spacing consistent between frames. They were also fixed, so you couldn’t adjust the frame once it was hung (as opposed to a wire or saw-tooth hanger). We made good use of my phone’s level app.

Pro tip: if the alignment is just slightly off, you can wrap the nail in a little duct tape to raise one side or the other, without having to move the nail.


It took over an hour, but eventually we got all the pictures hung. I also hung a couple of Blue Willow plates that were languishing in the breakfront.


Here is a more-or-less-straight-on view. Please excuse the glare.


I am thrilled with the results. I like that it’s uncluttered, and there’s plenty of room to expand.


Now, where’s my camera? I have more art to make.



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2 responses to “Gallery

  1. Jennifer

    It turned out PERFECT! Love love love! The space looks so chic now 🙂 Congrats.

  2. Lisa

    I really like your layout – it looks great. The blue paint is a great color.

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